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Enter as food truck and choose your sign in option. If its the first time you are signing in, you need to provide your contact details (don't worry, we don't like spam either). Select your main region of operation.

On the next page, provide the details about your food truck. The name, the concept and/or history behind, along with a welcoming and goodbye message. Select your food categories and provide the online link for website, instagram or hashtag - your customers are kindly asked to share that to support you grow online. Don’t forget to add the best picture of your Truck!

Finally, sign up on Stripe to receive payments through the app. It takes around 7 minutes to fill in necessary company details - heads up, you will need your IBAN! Money is paid out on a daily rolling basis with one weeks delay. First payout may take 1-2 weeks as your account is being validated.


Orders are managed in the “Manage”-tab. To receive orders, make sure you have enabled pre-ordering in the top right corner and set the minimum limit for online orders as you like in the top left corner. 

Incoming orders are received on the upper screen - remember to note the pick up time before approving and adjust it if necessary! You can find orders in your orders-list tab and can select the ones you want to prepare to add them to the “Dish Prep”. The customer is notified about their food being prepared. 

In the “Dish Prep”, you see the number of meals you need to prepare for all the outgoing orders you’ve added. This way, you can focus on making the food, and as you check the dishes you finish, the orders whose dishes have been prepared are highlighted green. Select and press “Order Done” once you are ready to deliver that order, and the customer is notified. You will be shown a receipt which should match the one on the customer's phone.


On the “Explore”-tab, you can find events and sales spots that you may book into. Find them on the map or slide up to find them on the panel. Click to enter their profile, where you can find details about the event or sales spot - see if it feeds your needs. By clicking “Book Now”, you can choose the date and time you may attend, and this information, along with your profile information, is send to the host. You’ll receive an answer within 3 days.


On the top left corner, you enter your account panel. Here, you can change your profile, find your order history and see your rankings.